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Mar 2020

Strength & Conditioning for Endurance Athletes: Advanced S&C

Pav Bryan is joined by Spokes Strength & Conditioning Expert Scott Pearson. They discuss how you can progress your off-the-bike work from beginner to advanced and avoid any plateau or staleness. They finish with giving you several top tips as you look to make the most of your strength work.

Join in Scott's Challenge in the Spokes Performance Training Advice Facebook group. 

Feb 2020

Evolving Everesting: Seven Summits

Pav Bryan tells the story of his Seven Summits world first and record ride. 

Listen in to find out what it takes to train for and plan a ride that climbs over 43,000 meters in 725 miles. 

Find out what Pav ate, how he coped with over 62 hours on the same hill and what kind of kit he was using.

Feb 2020

Coping with Setback

Pav Bryan is joined by Professional Cyclist Alex West. They discuss Alex's crash which left his career almost over. Find out exactly how you should cope with setback and the best and most efficient path the full strength.

Whether you have had an accident, a new job, a new member of the family, or anything else, listen in to find out exactly how to reinvent yourself and build yourself back up to strength. 

Feb 2020

Cycling Hacks: How to Navigate Flying with a Bike

Pav Bryan is joined by Martin Green from Shokbox to discuss all topics surrounding travelling with your bike. If you ever suffer with anxiety about flying (with the bike!), this episode will help settle your mind and help you focus on enjoying your trip.

Listen in to find out some trade secrets that make the experience a lot less stressful; including offering several hacks for making the journey cheaper and all round more enjoyable! 

Feb 2020

Is FTP Testing Worth It?

Pav Bryan is joined by Spokes Coach Ian Jenner to answer a question we are hearing a lot of lately; "is FTP test is actually worth it?"

Listen to find out exactly what one of our expert coaches feels about this and learn some interesting ways to ensure that, whatever testing you do, it is executed perfectly!

Jan 2020

Mastering Motivation

Pav Bryan is joined by Spokes Mental Fitness Coach, Alan Heary. They discuss exactly what Motivation is and just how important it is for athletes to be able to maintain.

They discuss why it is so important to remain proactive with motivation, what to do when it starts to disappear and some simple tricks to mastering it.

They finish with a challenge which you can do to start conquering your own motivation!

Jan 2020

The Ultra-Mindset: Beating Your Demon!

Pav Bryan is joined by Karl Meltzer, world renowned, serial ultra-run winner. They discuss how Karl approaches his training and racing from all facets; including how he ensures that he never cracks mentally and always beats his demons.

Listen in to get behind the scenes look at Karl's Appalachian Trail World Record, his record of the most 100-mile run wins and join in with his challenge which he sets to you; which you can also follow in our Spokes Performance Training Advice group.

Jan 2020

Strength & Conditioning for Endurance Athletes: Core Training

Pav Bryan is joined by Spokes and British Cycling Strength & Conditioning Expert, Scott Pearson. The third episode in the Strength and Conditioning series, they discuss their thoughts around why core training is crucial to endurance athletes.

They break some myths and offer some practical tips on getting started with your own routine. They finish by setting you a challenge you can do from your front room!

Jan 2020

How to be an Adventurer with Sean Conway

Pav Bryan is joined by Sean Conway to discuss his career as an adventurer. They discuss his path to becoming a world record breaking athlete, the successes, the setbacks and how to come through it all.

They also give tips on how to get started yourself, how to keep going when times are tough and what kit you might need.

They finish setting a challenge for your own epic adventure! 

Dec 2019

How Comparisons Kill Performance

Pav Bryan is joined by Tim Lockemy, Host & Creator of 'A Path To Contentment Podcast'. They discuss how crucial, yet damaging, it can be to compare yourself to other athletes.

They give tips on turning negative processes into positive ones and give you a challenge, which you can join in the Spokes Performance Training Advice Group.

For more info on Tim's work, check out his podcast 'A Path To Contentment'.